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1. Study On The Basic Information Of Stratum Movement And Mechanics On Predicting And Controlling Heavy Accidents In Coal Mine
2. Flow Of Produced Fluid In Polymer Flooding Well With Pumping Rod Moving Axially--Theory, Calculation And Applications
3. Theory And Application Study On Stress-Transfer Mechanism Of Anchoring System
4. Investigation Of Microstructure And Stress Distribution Of The Fe3Al Joint Zone By Fusion Welding
5. Investigation Of Microstructure And Stress Distribution Of The Super-Ni/NiCr Joint Zone By TIG Welding
6. Investigation On Microstructure And Stress Distribution Of The Al2O3-TiC/W18Cr4V Diffusion Bonding Interface
7. Study On Casing Damage Mechanism And Prevention Technology Of Complicated Horizontal Wells
8. Microstructure Evolution And Finite Element Analysis Of Single Crystal Nickel-Based Superalloys With Different Orientations During Creep
9. Study On Mechanical Bebavior Of Epoxy Bonded Bolt System And Bolt Bearing Characteristic In Coal Mine Roadway
10. Mechanical Properties Of Hollow Glass Microsphere Filled Epoxy Resin Composite And The Smart Damping Of Its Cantilever Structure
11. Evaluation Of Interlaminar Shear Strength Of Laminates
12. Finite Element Simulation Of Internal Pressure Of Backward-Extruding Containers And Optimization Of Combined-Containers
13. Testing And Simulation Of The Multi-Layer's Tribological Characteristics
14. Test And Analysis Of The Stress Distribution Of Column Of Cross Wedge Rolling Machine By Using Photoelastic Coating Method
15. Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation Of Temperature And Stress Distribution In Electron Beam Welding Of 12mm TC4 Titanium Alloy Plate
16. Study On Laws Of Surrounding Rock Stress Distribution And Roof-off-strata Of The Gate Bolting Support
17. Study On The Floor Water Invasion Regularity Mining On The Top Of Water-pressured
18. Experimental Study And FEM Analysis For Bond Strength Of Thermal Sprayed Coating
19. Thermal Stress Distribution Of GaAs And InP Crystals In LEC Growth And Of GaAs Crystal In LEFZ Growth
20. The Application And Research On Temperature And Stress Distribution Model Of Casting Ladle
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