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Keyword [thermodynamic properties]
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1. Research On Thermophysical Properties Of Trifluoroiodomethane And Difluoromethane
2. Theoretical Studies On The Micro-structure Of Molten Silicates And Its Relation With The Macro-properties
3. Quantum Chemical Study On The Structures And Properties Of The Molecular Clusters Of Azides
4. Study On Size Effects And Shape Effects Of Thermodynamic Properties Of Metallic Nanoparticles
5. Studies On The Structures And Properties Of Heterocyclic Nitramine High Energy Compounds And Related Mixtures
6. Study Of The Formation And Application Of New-type PET Filament Yarn For Wool-like Fabrics
7. Accurate Prediction Of The Energy And Thermodynamic Properties Of The Molecule
8. Calorimetry And Thermal Analysis Studies On Thermodynamic Properties Of Drugs
9. Studies On The Synthesis, Biological Activities And Thermodynamic Properties Of The Pyrimidine And Triazole Compounds Containing Nitrogen Heterocycles
10. Study On The Thermodynamic Properties Of Microemulsion Formed In Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
11. Study On The Synthesis And Engineering Basis Of 2-Methyl-1,3-Propanediol
12. Atomistic Simulations For Thermodynamic Properties Of Nanostructured Metals And Alloys
13. Systematically Study Of Electronic Structures, Physical Properties And Thermodynamic Properties Of Transition Metals In Ⅰ,Ⅳ And ⅥB Group
14. Theory Simulation For Thermodynamic And Solid Solution Properties Of Eare Earth Magnesium Alloys
15. Thermodynamic Properties Measurement And Modeling For Systems Containing Ionic Liquids
16. Theoretical Studies On Thermodynamic Properties Of Transition Metal Compounds
17. First-principles Calculations Of The Thermodynamic Properties Of Rare Earths-aluminum And Rare Earths-magnesium Alloys
18. Synthesis, Structures And Thermodynamic Properties Of 5-Nitroisophthalic Acid Lanthanide Coordination Polymers
19. Force Field Method And Thermodynamic Properties Prediction
20. Theoretical Studies On Thermodynamic Properties Of The Hydrides
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