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1. Application Of Artificial Neural Network In NIR Analysis And Dark-colored Oil Analysis
2. Study Of Manufacturing High Grade Lube Oil Base Stocks From Intermediate Crude Oil By Medium Pressure Hydrotreating Process
3. Study On The Relationship Between The Composition And Performance Of Viscosity-Reducing Agent Used In The Viscous Crude Recovery
4. Study And Application Of Aquathermolysis For Liaohe Heavy Oils
5. The Study Of The Mechanism On The Viscosity Reduction Of The Heavy Oil Radiated By The Microwave
6. Study On The Interpolymer Specific Interaction Between Acrylate Copolymers With Functional Groups In Solutions And Drag Reduction
7. Measurements Of Physical Properties Of Mixtures Related TPA Manufacture And Study Of Viscometer On High Temperature And Pressure
8. Measurement And Study On Diffusion Coefficient And Thermodynamic Property Of Aqueous Medicaments Solutions
9. Study On The Technique And Simulation Of The Thixo-Forming Of Aluminum Alloy
10. The Elastic Viscosity Theory And Application Of Polymer Solution
11. Study On The Synthesis, Fundamental Theory And Application Of New Polymeric Quarternary Ammonium Salt And Polyferric Sulfate Composite Flocculant
12. The Research Of Flow Processes In Metal Powder Injection Molding
13. Rheological Behavior And Atomic Diffusion Of Pd-based And Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glasses
14. Study Of Synthetic Effect Of Interfacial And Rheologic Properties Of ASP Solution On Displacement Oil
15. Study On The Molecular Design, Synthesis And Properties Of High Performance RTM Resins Based On Benzoxazine
16. Basic Research And Thermodynamic Of Relative Solution For Direct Electrosynthesis Process Of Niacin
17. Formation Characteristics Of NaCS/PDMDAAC Biocapsule And Production Of 1,3-propanediol By Encapsulated Cells
18. Basic Research And Thermodynamic Of Relative Solution For Direct Electrosynthesis Process Of P-Aminophenol
19. The Modification Of Rice Straw And The Study Of Its Properties
20. Mechanism Of Interaction Between Proteins And Polysaccharides In Water Medium
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