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1. Synthesis And Properties Of ZSM-5 Type Zeolite Membrane
2. Conversion Of NO With Microwave Irradiation
3. Preparation And Separation Studies On ZSM-5 Zeolite Membrane
4. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Cracking Performance Of MWW Type Zeolites
5. A Study On Hydrogen Transfer Reaction Over Catalytic Materials Used In FCC Process
6. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Property Of Zeolites With 12-membered Ring
7. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
8. Studies On Novel Four-Bed Pressure Swing Adsorption Process For Hydrogen Purification
9. Host Effects Of Nano-crystalline Zeolite In The Macromolecular Metal-Complexes
10. The Low-temperature Combustion Reaction Of Methane Over Pd-supported Zeolite Catalysts
11. Study On The Synthesis Of Linear Alkylbenzenes In A Novel Liquid-Solid Circulating Moving Bed Reactor
12. New Techniques And New Methods For The Speciation Analysis Of Chemical And Biological Selenium Species
13. Studies On The Novel Catalytic Materials Used In Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaraldehyde
14. Studies Of Solid-State MAS NMR On The Acidity In TS-1 Zeolite And Its Catalytic Oxidation Of Styrene
15. Synthesis, Structure And Morphology Control Of Inorganic Framework Solids
16. Surface Organometallic Chemistry: Preparation And Properties Of The Surface Alkyltin Complexes On The Molecular Sieves
17. Study On The New Technology Of Treatment And Reuse Of Oil Refinery Wastewater
18. Study On DME Synthesis Over Zeolite SUZ-4
19. Gas-Solid Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Ti-ZSM-5 Zeolite
20. Study Of Skeletal Isomerization Of 1-Butene On MCM-49 And MCM-22 Zeolite Catalysts
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