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1. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Activity Of Tungsten/Titanium-Containing Selective Oxidation Catalysts For Olefins
2. Study On Engineering Foundation Of Comprehensive Utilization Of Mixed Dibisic Acids
3. Recovering Technology Of Adipic Acid And The Relative Fundamental Research
4. Synthesis, Characterization Of NaY Zeolite Encapsulated Cosalen Complex And Its Catalytic Performance In Cyclohexane Oxidation
5. Research On Hydrolysis Reaction Of Nitriles And Amides In Near-Critical Water
6. Study On A Green Oxidative Ring Cleavage Reaction By Using Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide
7. Study On Comprehensive Treatment Of Oxidizing Cyclohexane Wastewater
8. Research On The Technics Of MetalloPorphyrin Catalyzed Aerial Oxygenation Of Cyclohexane To Adipic Acid
9. Olefin Oxidation With Hydrogen Peroxide
10. Synthesis Of Poly (1,2-cyclohexanediol Adipicate)
11. The Research On Selective Aerobic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane And Cyclohexanone To Adipic Acid Catalyzed By Metalloporphyrin
12. The Study On Reclaiming And Solubility Of Adipic Acid
13. Preparation Of Electro-catalytic Oxidation Anodes And Their Applications In Organic Waste Water Treatment
14. Study On Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexene To Adipic Adic With Quaternary Ammonium Salts Of Phospho-tungstic Acid
15. Trimethoxysilane Terminated Reaction Of Aliphatic Polyester(Amide) And The Preparation Of The Polyester(Amide)/SiO2 Hybrid Film
16. The Technology And Foundation Study On Recovering Adipic Acid From The Waste Liquor Of Cyclohexane Oxidation
17. Study On Adipic Acid Synthesized By Cyclohexene And Oxygen
18. Study On Separation Of Glutaric Acid From DBA And Kinetics Of Esterification
19. Preparation Of Tungsten Catalysts And Its Applications In The Green Synthesis Of Adipic Acid, Etc.
20. Tungsten Catalysts And Its Applications In The Synthesis Of Adipic Acid, Etc
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