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1. Studies On The Manufacture Of Ultra-fine Powders, Relationship Between Structure And Performances, And Applications For Persistent Phosphorescent Materials Of Strontium Aluminate
2. Preparation And Properties Of Rare Earth Oxides Luminescent Materials Via Electrospinning Process
3. Organic / Inorganic Cluster Compounds Luminescent Material And A New Hole Transport Materials Design, Synthesis And Device Development
4. Defects, Band Structures And Optical Properties Of Pr And Zn/Al Doped Titanates Luminescent Materials:a First-principles Calculation
5. Synthesis Of New-style Long Afterglow Luminescent Material And Its Properties
6. Synthesis And Characterizations Of Luminescent Material Zn2SiO4: Mn
7. Emulision Syntheses Of ZnS Nanoparticles And Characterization
8. Preparation Of Inorganic Porous Materials And Assembly Of Luminescent Material
9. The Preparation Inorganic Matrix/Rare Earth Organic Hybrid Luminescent Material By Sol-Gel Method
10. Preparation And Spectral Properties Of Red Luminescent Materials
11. Method Of Decreasing The Synthesis Temperature For Strontium Aluminates Europium Dysprosium Phosphors
12. Low-Dimentional Nanomaterials: Sythesis, Characterization And Property Study
13. Preparation, Investigation And Application Of SrAl2O4 Luminescent Material
14. Preparation And Token Of Long-after Mica Covering Strontium Aluminates: Eu, Dy
15. Absorption Spectrum Application In Organic Luminescent Material Research And Development
16. Preparation And Properties Of Ultra-long Afterglow Phosphors
17. Study On The Nigrescence Mechanism Of Lanthanon Luminescent Material Frictionizing With Metals
18. Synthesis Of Tungstate And Molybdate Nano-particles And Study On Their Luminescence Properties
19. Theoretical Study And Structural Design Of The Luminescent Material Tris(8-hydroxyquinolate)aluminum Alq3-nRn(n=0,1) And Its Derivatives
20. Studies On The Surface Modification And Application Of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ Phosphor
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