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1. One Step Catalytic Synthesis Of Indole From Aniline And Ethylene Glycol
2. High-Temperature Properties Of Continuous Sic Fibers And The Improved Process Based On Thermal Crosslinking
3. Preparation, Stability And Thermal Conductivity Of Nanofluids
4. Study On Olivine-type LiFePO4/C Composite Cathodic Materials
5. Research On The High-Melt-Strength Polypropylene For Foaming Prepared By Reactive Extrusion
6. The Fabrication, Characterization And Properties Of Silver-Polypyrrole Nanocomposites
7. Direct Synthesis Of Semi-Water Gas To DME By One-Step Method In Pilotscale Slurry Reactor
8. The Development Of One-Step Catalytic Process For Dimethyl Ether Synthesis And CO2 Activation Promoted By H2
9. Research Of The Solid Acid Catalysts For The One-step Synthesis Of Dimethyl Ether From Syngas
10. Studies Of The Glow Discharge Plasma For Aqueous Organic Pollutants Removal And One-step Phenol Synthesis From Benzene
11. Preparation, Characterization And Properties Of Silica Aerogel Via Ambient Pressure Drying
12. Study On The One-step Synthesis Of Aniline By The Direct Catalytic Oxy-amination Of Benzene
13. The Study Of N2O Catalytic Decomposition And One-Step Oxidation Benzene To Phenol Over Zeolites
14. The Study Of One-step Synthesis Of Methylmethacrylate From Methacrolein Over Heteropolycompounds Catalysts
15. Study On Wide-bore Electrophoresis And One-step Electrophoretically Mediated Microanalysis Technique
16. Study On One-Step Synthesis Of ε-Caprolactam From Nitrosation Of Cyclohexane
17. Study On The One-Step Solution-Based Synthesis And Properties Of Core-Shell Structure Nanocomposite
18. Preparation And Applications Of Carbon Nanomaterials With Amino-groups Modified In One-step Process
19. Studies On Controllable Preparation Of Oxide Nanopowder Via A Wet Chemical Process
20. Study On SBBR One-step Completely Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal Process And The Microecological Characteristics
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