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1. Study On The Spectrum Redshift Of SrAl2O4 Luminescent Materials
2. Preparation And Property Of Heterostructured Quantum Dots
3. Investigations On The Formation And Modulation Of Optical Properties Of PTCDA Nanostructure
4. Study On The Effect Of Oxygen Anthracene Derivatives On Rare Earth Luminous Fibers Spectral Redshift
5. Preparation And Photoluminescence Study Of One-dimensional ZnTe/ZnSe Nanostructures
6. Study On The Structure And Luminescence Properties Of BCNO Phosphor
7. Study On Controllable Synthesis And Properties Of Luminescent Materials Based On Boron Nitrogen
8. A deep X-ray survey of the Lockman Hole Northwest
9. Using infrared photometric redshifts and Keck multi-slit spectroscopy to uncover the hidden z = 1.5--2.5 Bright Ages
10. Synthesis And Properties Of Pyronin-Based Fluorescent Dye Of Hetero Atoms
11. Structural Evolution And Optical Properties Of Fluorenone Based Organic Luminescent Materials Under High Pressure
12. Design And Synthesis Of Near Infrared-Responsive Conjugated Oligomers And Application Research Based On Their Photothermal Properties
13. Synthesis And Properties Of 2-substituted BODIPY Fluorescent Dye
14. Investigate On Expanding Application Of Benzothiadiazole-Tetrazole Photo-triggered Click Reaction And Its Product Properties
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