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181. Numerical Modeling And Experiment Investigation Of Liquid Structure And Solidification Behavior Of Al-Cu-Zn Alloys
182. Study On Preparation, Characterization And Properties Of Polypropylene/Attapulgite Nanocomposites
183. Investigations On The Cementing Mechanism Of Fly-ash From Power Plants And Its Hydration Reaction Kinetics Performance In Mine Filling
184. A Liquid Precipitation Method For Preparing Monodispersed Nanoparticles And Its Crystallization Kinetics
185. Study On Gas-Liquid-Liquid Reactive Extraction Process For The Production Of Hydrogen Peroxide
186. The Preparation, Characterization Of Modified Titanium Dioxide And Its Application Of Photocatalytic Degradation Of Dyes Wastewater
187. Separation And Recovery Of Precious Metals From Waste Feed Containing Precious Metals With Solvent Extraction
188. Study On The Structural Heterogeneity Of Polybenzoxazine & The Cure Kinetics, Interfacial Properties Of Polybenzoxazine/Carbon Fiber Composites
189. Adsorption And Ion-exchange Behavior Of Layered Double Hydroxides In The Uptake Of Halide Anions From Aqueous Solution
190. Studies On Diffusion Behavior And Release Kinetics Of Drug Molecules In Bioerodible Polymer Matrices
191. Studies On Kinetics Of SOD Production By Garlic Cell Cultivation
192. Production Of Microbial Exopolysaccharides By Strain Of Q9415
193. Studies On Catalytic Synthesis Of Monomer For PVP And Kinetics From γ-Butyrolactone
194. Study On The Zeolite Beta For Synthesis Of Mtbe
195. Kinetics And Mass Transfer Studies Of Oxidation Of Organic Compounds In Solutions Containing Ozone With Or Without Hydrogen Peroxide
196. Study On The Formation Mechanism And The Application Kinetics Of Microspheres Of The Magnetic Starch
197. Effect Of Magnetic Field On The Cells Growth And Inulinase Biosynthesis Of Kluyveromyces Fragilis
198. The Experimental Research On Direct Reduction Of Iron Scrap Immixed With Waste Plastics
199. Study On Selective Precipitation Valuable Constituent In Copper Smelting Slags
200. The HAAs Removal From Water And The Mechanism Studies With GAC Adsorption And AOPs
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