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21. Synthesis And Catalytic Oxidation Activities Of Polymeric Quasi-porphyrin-Crown Ether Binuclear Complexes
22. The Preparation Of An Anchored Heterogenized Salen Complex Catalyst For Aerobic Epoxidation Of Alkenes
23. Studies On The Oxidation Of Cyclohexene Over Photocatalysts
24. Catalysis Design And Their Activity Toward Copolymerization Of Carbon Dioxide With Cyclohexene Oxide
25. Selective Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexene In Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
26. Study On The Catalytic Properties Of Supported Amorphous Ru-B Alloy Catalysts For Benzene Selective Hydrogenation To Cyclohexene
27. Investigation Of Composite Nanocatalysts Transforming Gaseous Cyclohexane Into Cyclohexene
28. Key Techniques On Synthesis Of Cyclohexene Oxide With Hydrogen Peroxide As Oxidant
29. Study On Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexene To Adipic Adic With Quaternary Ammonium Salts Of Phospho-tungstic Acid
30. Study On Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene Oxidized By Molecular Oxygen
31. Study On Preparing Trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol From 1, 2-Cyclohexene Oxide With Solid Superacids
32. Study On Adipic Acid Synthesized By Cyclohexene And Oxygen
33. Study On Oxidation Of Cyclohexene Oxidized By Molecular Oxygen
34. Preparation And Catalytic Aerobic Oxidation Activities Of Polymeric Crown Ether-Salen Schiff Base Metal Complexes
35. Study On The Selective Hydrogenation Of Benzene And Hydration Of Cyclohexene
36. Selective Photooxidation Of Cyclohexene And Cyclohexane
37. Preparation Of Tungsten Catalysts And Its Applications In The Green Synthesis Of Adipic Acid, Etc.
38. Study On The Preparation Of Cyclohexanol By Catalysis Hydration Of Cyclohexene
39. Study On The Preparation, Characterization And Catalytic Performance Of SO42-/Hangjin2# Clay
40. Study On The Anion Of Quaternary Ammonium Salts As Cocatalysts For The Copolymerization Of CO2
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