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Keyword [hydrogen peroxide oxidation]
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21. High-speed Rail Biological Liquid Recovery Of Copper Leaching Copper And Iron Removal Process
22. In Situ Bio-electrocatalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation For Azo Dye Degradation
23. Study Of Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane Over Cu-based Catalysts
24. Research On Extraction Of Tellurium From Neutralization Sludge And Electrolytic Preparation Of High Purity Tellurium
25. Study On Catalytic Oxidation Desulfurization Of Diesel By Using Hydrogen Peroxide/Trichloroacetic Acid
26. Fe - Ni - Al - Mmt Catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Degradation Of Acid Orange Ⅱ Research
27. The Extraction Of Tube Fibre And Nanofibril From Coir Fibre And Their Structural Analysis
28. Study Of Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaric Anhydride
29. Study On Sludge Treatment Efficiency Strengthened By Alkaline Hydrolysis And Chemical Oxidation
30. The Study Of Copper Metal-Organic Frameworks Catalysts Based On Wet Catalytic Oxidation Technology
31. Preparation Of Adipic Acid By Phosphotungstic Acid Catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Cyclohexene
32. Study On Enhancement Of Sludge Dewaterability Based With Aerobic Digestion And Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation
33. Study On Green Catalytic Oxidation Of 1,2-benzen Dimethanol
34. Study On Process Design Of TMTD Production By Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Method
35. The Research Of Oxidation Of Aldehydes To Carboxylic Acid Under CuxOy/C Catalyst Using H2O2 As Oxidant
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