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21. Preparation And Characterazition Of Long-afterglow Luminescence Materials
22. Study On Self-Propagating Synthesis Of The Doped SrAl2O4 Rare-Earth Long After-Glowed Phosphors
23. Investigation On Eu~(2+) Activated Alkaline-Earth Metals Aluminasilicate Phosphors
24. Research On The Preparation And Properities Of The Y2O2S:Eu~(3+) Luminescent Materials Via Hydrothermal Method
25. Method Of Decreasing The Synthesis Temperature For Strontium Aluminates Europium Dysprosium Phosphors
26. Study On 5 Preparing Methods Of Non-grinding Long Afterglow Materials
27. Research On The Blue Long Afterglow Phosphorescent Material Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu~(2+), Dy~(3+) Fabricated From Combustion Synthesis
28. Preparation Of SrAl2O4: Eu~(2+), Dy~(3+) Phosphor And The Effect Of Boron Substitution
29. Study On Rare Earth Luminescent Water-bone Coatings With Long Afterglow
30. Research On The Calcium Aluminate Long Afterglow Phosphorescent Material Fabricated From Combustion Synthesis
31. Preparation, Structure And Properties Of (Sr,Ca)2MgSi2O7: Eu2+, Dy3+ Long Afterglow Phosphor
32. Study On The Safety Of Long Afterglow Photoluminescence Material In Industrialization Process
33. Study On Preparation Of Nano-Sized Long Afterglow Aluminates Phosphors
34. Preparation And Properties Of Ultra-long Afterglow Phosphors
35. Preparation And Properties Of Silicate Long Afterglow Phosphors
36. Study On Preparation And Photoluminescence Characteristics Of Aluminates And Aluminates-Silicate Long Afterglow Materials
37. Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of Calcium Aluminate And Yttrium Oxysulifde Long Afterglow Phosphors
38. Preparation And Study Of Long Afterglow Silicate-based Phosphors
39. Study On Red Long Afterglow Phosphors Of Sr3Al2O6 Co-activated By Eu2+ And Pr3+
40. Synthesis Of Red Long Lasting Phosphors By Solid State Reaction At Low Temperature And Their Luminous Properties
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