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41. Study On The Influence Of Temperature And Electric Field On The Diffusion Of Water Molecules In SiO2 Modified Insulating Oil
42. Photodissociation Dynamics Of Vacuum Ultraviolet Of Gas Phase Water Molecules And Carbon Dioxide
43. Adsorption And Self-assembly Of The Water Molecules On The Cd(0001)surface
44. Stability of carbon dioxide and methane hydrates in water in presence of small driving forces using MD simulations
45. Hydration studies of electrospray ions from amino acids and small peptides
46. Structure and stability of alanine, glycine and serine conformers and effects of explicit water molecules: A quantum mechanical study
47. State of water in perfluorosulfonic acid membranes studied by microwave dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
48. FTIR difference and resonance Raman spectroscopy of rhodopsins with applications to optogenetics
49. Hiking the valleys of quantum chemistry
50. In-situ spectroscopic investigations of molecular structure at aqueous/solid and aqueous/monolayer/solid interfaces
51. Surfactant stability and motion: Structural and dynamic properties of a sodium dodecyl sulfate micelle, its counterions, and surrounding water molecules
52. Vibrational sum frequency spectroscopic investigations of the structure, hydrogen bonding, and orientation of water molecules at the liquid/liquid interface
53. Slab-geometry molecular dynamics simulations: Development and application to calculation of activity coefficients, interfacial electrochemistry, and ion channel transport
54. Computing modeling of atrazine, atrazine complexes and atrazine dimer
55. Development of a reaxff reactive force field for silicon/oxygen/hydrogen/fluoride interactions and applications to hydroxylation and friction
56. Characterization of cupric ions doped into silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
57. Study On The Preparation And Water Molecular Mass Transfer Process Of Aquaporin Forward Osmosis Composite Membrane
58. Energy Conversion Mechanism Of Low Dimensional Noble Matel Free Structure New Energy Materials At Atomic Level
59. Research On Adsorption Mechanism Of Water Molecules And Hydrated Cations On The Fine Quartz Particle Surface
60. Study On Mxene-derived Materials As Cathode For Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries
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