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101. Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane And Cyclohexene By Modified TS-1 Molecular Sieve
102. Study On Cooperative Catalytic Exhaust Multi-pollutants In The Flue Gas Of Adipic Acid Production
103. Study On Synergistic Conversion Of Lignin Oxidation Products To Adipic Acid
104. Technological Design Of Cyclopentanone With 500 T/a
105. Study On Green Synthesis Of Adipic Acid By One-step Oxidation Of Cyclohexane
106. Syntheses And Properties Of Lanthanide 3-methyl/tert-butyl-adipate Coordination Polymers
107. Heterogeneous Catalysts And Catalytic Process For One-step Preparation Of Adipic Acid From Cyclohexane
108. Preparation And Application Of Supported Metal Catalyst For Adipic Acid To 1,6-hexanediol
109. Synthrsis Of Environmental-friendly PBAST And PLA-PBS With Organic Guanidine Catalysts
110. The Performance Of Re-based Catalyst For Hydrogenation Of 1,6-adipic Acid
111. The Study In Directed Evolution And Application Of Enoate Reductases
112. Synthesis, Modification And Performance Research Of Bio-based Water-based UV Oligomers Based On Itaconic Acid
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