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161. Study On The Air Drawing In Spunbonding Nonwoven Process
162. Preparation Of Quaternary Ammonium Salt Grafted Polypropylene And Application In PP/PVC Blends
163. Preparation And Characterization Of Cyclodextrin-Based Inclusion Complex Hydrogel And Hydrophobic Association Hydrogel
164. Study On Glass Forming Ability, Crystallization And Properties Of Al-TM-RE Based Amorphous Alloys
165. Influence Of Thermal Field And Magnetic Field On Amorphous Crystallization And Aging Process
166. The Studies On The Gas-solid Synthesis Of Ti-ZSM-5 With B-ZSM-5 As The Precursor
167. Polymorphs Of Hindered Phenol And Preparation Of Polymer/Hindered Phenol Damping Hybrid
168. The Purification Of Boric Acid And Preparation And Characterization Of Aluminum Borate Whiskers And Phosphors
169. Structure And Properties Of Polyester Alloy-Based Nanocomposites
170. Study On The Crystallization Of Lithium Carbonate
171. The Basic Study Of Phosphoric Acid Crystallization Purifying Process
172. Preperation Of High Performance 4A Zeolite By Continuous Synthesis
173. Controllable Synthesis Of Metal Nanoparticles In The Artificial Quasi-Biological System
174. The Effect Of Crystallization Additive With Carboxyl Group On The Seeded Precipitation Process Of Supersaturated Sodium Aluminate Solutions
175. Controllability Of Crystallization And Physicochemical Properties Of GeS2-based Chalcogenide Glass-ceramics
176. Investigation On The Processes And Mechanisms Of Phase Transformation At R2O-CaO-SiO2 System Glass-ceramics
177. The Crystallization Behavior Of PPO(MePEG)-b-PLLA Copolymers
178. Shape-Controlled Synthesis Of Iron Oxides And Prussian Blue Analogues And The Study On Nonclassical Crystallization Mechanism
179. Study On Refinery Of High-pure P-Cresol By Melt Crystallyzation Process
180. Investigation Of Anti-sovlent Crystallization Of β-Artemether
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