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1. The Study Of Charge Equalization Of Series-connected Batteries System
2. The Applications And Research Of Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery Online Monitoring Technology
3. Study On Energy Management And Battery Life For Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
4. Research On Several Key Techniques Of12V Start&Stop System For Vehicle
5. Data-based Remaining Lifetime Prediction Method And Its Application
6. The Study Of Endurance Capacity Of Pure Electric Vehicle Base On The Discharge Efficiency Of Battery
7. Substation Intelligent Battery Monitoring System Design And Implementation
8. Studies On The Design And Performance Of Lithium Ion Battery
9. Lithium Ion Battery Analysis On Material Synthesis And Environmental Performance Through Life Cycle Assessment
10. Power Battery Degradation Oriented To Research On Energy Management Strategy For Range Extended Electric Bus
11. Study On Energy Management Strategy For Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle
12. The Research And Implementation On Life Prediction Of VRLA Battery For Power Grid
13. The Study Of Lithium-ion Battery Life Based On Multiple-factor Analysis
14. Research On Battery Life And Application To Control Of Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
15. Research Of Lithium-ion Battery Life Prediction Technique Based On Capacity Compensation And Attenuation Model
16. The Study On The Regenerative Braking Control Strategy For Hybrid Electric Vehicle
17. Research On Parameter Matching And Energy Management Of Pure Electric Vehicle Power System Based On Battery Life Model
18. Study On Key Technology And Design Method Of Hybrid Energy Storage System For Electric Vehicle
19. Research On Braking Energy Efficiency Receding Optimal Control Of Four In-wheel Motors Electric Vehicles
20. Studies On Control Strategy And Capacity Optimized Configuration Of Hybrid Energy Storage System For Wind Power Smoothing
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