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1. Research About The Transient Current Protection Relay For HV/EHV Transmission Line
2. Research On Microprocessor-based Protective Relay For EHV Double Circuit Lines On Same Tower
3. Research On The New Principle And Adaptive Auto-reclosing Technique Of UHV Transmission Lines
4. The Study Of High Temperature Superconducting Power Cable Protection
5. Super (especially) High-voltage Transmission Line Protection Principles And Techniques Of Research
6. Study On Intelligent Protective Technique Based On Type A Residual Current
7. Application Study On Adaptive Ralay Protection Based On Intelligent Control
8. Research On Stray Current Protection In Dc Traction Power System Of Urban Mass Transit
9. Study On Transformer Microprocessor Protection Based On Positive Sequence Active Power Difference
10. Research On Fiber-optical Single-phased Current Differential Protection
11. Wide Area Incremental Current Protection System
12. Study On The Transient Current Protection For Transmission Line
13. Study On Impiementation Of CMFB Based Transient Current Protection For EHV Transmission Line
14. The Checkout And Simulation Of The Relay Protection In Industrial Electric Power Systems
15. Study On The Influence To Distribution System Protection With The Application Of Power Electronic Equipments
16. A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter Design
17. The Intelligent Power Distribution And Fire Prevention System Based On Virtual Instrument Technology
18. Zero-Sequence Current Protection Setting Caculation Of Line For High-Voltage Power System
19. Design Of A Low Voltage Start-up PWM DC/DC Converter
20. The New Scheme Discussion Of Grounded Protection For High Voltage Cables-Aerial Line
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