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1. Study On Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Concrete And Its Key Technologies
2. The Post Occupancy Evaluation Research On The City Commercial Pedestrian Street In Hunan Province
3. The Exploration About Engineering Coustruction And Management Of Water Supply Of Urban And Rural Areas Of HanTing, WeiFang
4. Research On Simulation Model Of Regenerative Feedheating System And Economy Analysis
5. Space Environment Research On ShoppingMall
6. The Research On The Simulation Of Four-Phase Power Transmission System
7. The Technology And Economy Analysis To The Subgrade Widening Project For The Reconstruction Of The Used Road In Seasonly Frozen Area
8. Research On Energy-saving Operation Of Air-conditioning Water System In Large District
9. Landscape Layout And Economic Benefits
10. The Study Of Green And Economic Benefits For The Expressway Interchange
11. Application Research Of Casting Type Of Cement Fly Ash In Backfilling On Back Of Bridge Abutments And Culverts
12. Research On Road Traffic Safety Facility System Economic Benefits
13. The Application Of The Ram-compaction Piles With Composite Bearing Base
14. Research On Paving Technology Of Foam Asphalt Stabilizing Old Pavement Material
15. The Analysis Of The Technology And Economy To The Highway Subgrade Widening Project
16. Research Of Economic Benefits Of Wind Speed And Power Generation Forecasting In Wind Farm
17. Research On Preventing Reflection Cracks Of Asphalt Pavement With Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Stress Absorbing Layer
18. Economic Benefits Evaluation And Analysis Of Traffic Congestion On Mental Costs In Urban Areas
19. A Study On Environmental And Economic Efficiency Of Biomass Energy In Rural Gansu
20. Study On The Performance Of The Asphalt Rubber And Asphalt Mixture With TOR
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