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1. The Study On Key Issues Of Current Source Converter For Super-conducting Magnetic Energy Storage System
2. Simulation And Experiment Of Single Axis Attitude Control And Energy Storage System With Two Flywheels
3. Research On Key Components In Hybrid Energy Systems
4. Research On Regenerating Energy Utilization Technique In Urban Rail System
5. Research On Parameter Matching And Control Strategy Of Hybrid Energy Storage System For HEV
6. Study On Control Strategy Of Electric Driving And Regenerative Braking For Pure Electric Vehicle
7. Research On Energy Storage System Of Internal Combustion-Linear Generator Integrated Power System
8. Research On Battery Equalization Managemnet And Inverter Control Technologies Of Distributed Power System
9. Research On Real-Time Power Regulating System For Wind Farm Based On Hybrid Energy Storage System
10. Investigation On Compressed Air Energy Storage System
11. Research On The Optimal Plan And Control Of Energy Storage System To Reduce The Effect Of Wind Power On The Grid
12. Preformance Analysis And Simulation Of Energy Storage System Of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
13. The Reaserch Of The Electronic Control System On The Magnetic Bearing Of The Fess
14. Investigation And Simulation Of The Combined Energy Storage System Of Ultracapacitor And Battery
15. Performance Simulation And Test Of Battery System Of Electrical Vehicle
16. Research On The Voltage Controlling Technique Of Super Capacitor Energy Storage System
17. The Study On Control Of Current Source Converter For Super-conducting Magnetic Energy Storage System
18. The Working Characteristic And Performance Research On A Novel Energy Storage System For Dehumidifying And Air-conditioning
19. Study On The Characteristics Of An Advanced Energy Storage System For Air-conditioning And Heating Using H2O-LiBr As Working Fluid
20. Exergy Analysis Of Energy Transformation Process For The Energy Storage System Combined Cooling And Heating
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