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Keyword [Frequency Modulation]
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1. Study On Stability Of Fluid Dynamic Lubricates And Bearing Rotor System
2. Research On Some Key Problems Of Millimeterwave Detection System In Traffic Field
3. Research On Rotor-bearings System Nonlinear Dynamics Behaviors, Fluid-solid Interaction And Its Frequency Modulations
4. Research On Key Technologies Of Phase-shift Laser Range Finder With Multi-frequency Modulation
5. Study On High Performance Retina Prosthesis Microchip For Vision Recovery
6. Hydraulic Vibratory Pile Hammer Pile Driving Dynamics And Frequency Modulation Of Torque Control
7. Study Of The Novel Arithmetic Of The Speed Sensor-Less Control System For Freqency Modulation Based On DSP
8. Study On Method Of Cyclostationary Demodulation And Its Application In Gearbox Fault Diagnosis
9. Research On The Automotive Anti-collision Radar System
10. Design And Realization Of DC-DC Convert With PFM Modulation And Switch Capacitor Charge Pump Methods
11. Study On The Optical-Fiber Vortex-Shedding Flowmeter Based On The Optical Frequency Modulation Principle
12. A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter Design
13. The Solving Method And Application Of Control Power Flow Of Given Line Power Constraint
14. Design Of A New Type Dimming Fluorescent Ballast
15. Study And Application On Ranging Principle Of LFMCW Radar Material Level Measurement Instrument
16. Design And IC Implementation Of High Efficiency And Low Power DC-DC Converter
17. Study On Asymmetry Three Governors Of Electric Control System For Wujiang Hydroelectric Plant, Guizhou Province, China
18. Research On Ranging Techniques In Radio Fuze System
19. Research And Implementation Of The Performance Improvement Of BUCK Converter
20. Study Of The Monitoring System Of Ship Electric Propelling
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