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1. Beam Control And Diagnostic Assistant Technical Research On High-Power Laser System
2. Study On Propagation Characteristic Of Third Harmonics Of High Power Laser
3. The Manufacture Of High-power Laser Split-color Filters With High Reflectance In Visible And Middle-infrared Waveband With High Transmittance In 10.6μm CO2 High-power Laser Wavelength
4. Usability Research Of High Power Laser Welding Of Thick Ship Plates
5. Preparation Of High Reflectance Reflectance Film And Its Laser Damage
6. Laser Command Fuse Information To Transmit And Receive
7. Study On Principle And Experiment Of Micro-evaporation Throttling Cooling Heat Sink Of High Power Laser Diode Array
8. PFC Power Supply System In The High Power Laser Research
9. Plastic Electrical System Design In High Power Laser Device
10. Investigation Of Key Technology On Portable Raman Spectrometer
11. Research On Multiple Conditions Microstructures Thermal Control Mechanism
12. Performance Research Of Silicon/Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells Under Femtosecond High Power Laser Illumination
13. Research On Intearaction Mechanism And Diagnosis Of Electromagnetic Pulse Generated By High Power Laser And Materials
14. Defects Induced Damage Behavior And Mechanism Of Fused Silica And KDP Crystal With High Power Laser Radiation
15. X-ray Source Characteristics And Application Research Under High Power Laser Loading
16. Preparation And Properties Of Sol-gel Multi-functional SiO2 Antireflection Coating
17. Small-scale Self-focusing Evaluation Of Beam Of Intense Laser Device Based On Near-field Entropy
18. Research On Design And Application Of Scientific Grade CCD Camara System In Parameters Measurement Of High Power Laser
19. Research On Ion Beam Figuring And Intrinsic Characteristic Evolution Of High Power Laser Optics
20. Study On Influence Of Optical Components' Mid-High Frequency Parameters On High Power Laser System And Measurement Technology
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