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1. Research On Inverter Controlled Hydraulic Elevator Energy-saving System Applying Pressure Accumulators
2. Researchof Forward DC Link Single-Phase And Three-Phase Inverter
3. Based DSP Digital Inverter Of VSCF Electrical Generating System
4. Research On Single-Stage High Frequency Link Inverter
5. Research On Two-amplitude Control Technique For Actively Clamped Resonant Dc-link Inverter
6. Novel Resonant Transition Soft-Switching Three-Phase PWM Inverters
7. Research On Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System
8. Research On Variable Frequency Pump-Control-Motor Speed Governing And Compensation Characteristics
9. Study On The Low Frequency Oscillation And Torque Ripple Of The Induction Motor Fed By An Inverter
10. Research On Compounded High-frequency Link Inverter For Soft-switching
11. Study On Repetitive Control Theory For CVCF Inverters
12. Research On Combined Two-Transistor Forward Converters
13. Design, Preparation And Property Of High-frequency Resistant Nanocomposite Insulation Materials
14. The Current Vector Control Strategy For Induction Motors With Stator Flux Orientation
15. A Study On Key Techniques Of Cascaded Inverter
16. Study On Traveling-wave Based Fault Location For Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines And Research On Medium-Voltage Inverter
17. Research On Control Technique For PWM Inverters Based On State-Space Theory
18. Research On Topology And Modulation Method For Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
19. Research Of Conducted Electromagnetic Interference In PWM Inverter
20. Study On Parallel Inverter System Without Output Transformers
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