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Keyword [Model Predictive Control]
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1. Study On The Technology Of Pitch-control For Large Scale Wind Turbine
2. Vibration Control Of Tall Buildings Under Earthquake And Strong Wind Excitation
3. Principle Analysis And Control For Pressure Impluse Test Of Airplane Hydraulic System
4. Research On Integrated Modeling, Control And Optimization Of Turboshaft Engine/Rotor
5. Dynamic Modeling And Nonlinear Control Of Coal-Fired Subcritical Power Generation Unit
6. Trajectory Planning And Control For Spacecraft Proximity Relative Motion
7. Research On Predictive Control Methodology Of The Secondary System Of The Marine Nuclear Power Plant
8. Study On Path Following Control For Underactuated Ships By Using Analytic Model Predictive Control
9. Gasoline Engine Idle Speed Control Strategy Based On Model Predictive Control
10. Study On Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based On Model Predictive Control And Kalman Filtering
11. Development Of An Autonomous Flight System For Small-scale Unmanned Helicopter Based On Model Predictive Control
12. Study On Model Predictive Control Of The Double-Fed Wind Turbine
13. Research On Guidance And Control Law For Exo-Atmospheric KKV Based On Predictive Control
14. The Research Of Modeling And Control Method For Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System
15. The Application Of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Method In The Gliding Trajectory Control
16. Key Technologies Of Bionic Mechanism And Control For Zero Speed Fin Stabilizers
17. Study On The Attitude Control For Semi-Track Air-Cushion Vehicle On Soft Terrain
18. Vehicle Adaptive Cruise Control And The Corresponding Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model
19. Research On Integrated Chassis Control Strategy For Vehicle Active Safety
20. Research On Model Predictive Emergency Voltage Control Of Power Systems Based On Trajectory Sensitivity Technology
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