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1. Studies On Some Techniques In Quality Control Of NDA Working Standards
2. Studies On The General Cavity Theory Based On Virtual Electron Source Concept
3. Diffusion,Percolation And Heat Conduction In Fractal Porous Media
4. Research On The Reconstruction Techniques For Tomographic Gamma Scanning
5. Study On A Theory And Method For Probabilistic Analysis Of High-speed Railway Continuous Welded Rail Track Dynamic Stability
6. Monte Carlo Simulation For Energy Deposition Of Ionization Chamber Based On The Equivalent Electron Source Theory And Experimental Verification For The Theory
7. Study On Leaching Behavior And Model Of HLW-glass Under Repository Conditions
8. Stochastic Simulation Study Of Flow And Solute Transport In Multi-Scales Fractured Media
9. Monte Carlo Simulations On Micro- And Nanoscale Gas Flow And Heat Transfer
10. Prevention Of Early Deficiency And Mix-proportion Optimization Research On Concrete Building
11. Research On Modal Analysis And Its Application Of Stochastic Parameter Structure
12. The Modeling Studies Of Effect Of Random Factors On The Performance Of Interior Ballistics
13. Study On The Radiative Properties Of Particulate Media In Coal-firing Boiler And Combustion Optimizing Technique
14. Distribution Network Planning Based On Improved Minimum-Cost Spanning Tree Algorihm
15. Research On Dynamic Error Source Analysis, Modeling And Correction Technical Of Coordinate Measuring Machines
16. Numerical Simulation Of Interior Flow Of Jet Pump To Use Monte Carlo Method
17. Research On Reliability Evaluation And Expansion Planning Of Power System Including Wind Farms
18. Research On Transmission System Planning Based On Chance Constrained Programming
19. Optimal Transmission Expansion Planning Based On Both Static And Dynamic Security Risks
20. Study Of The Technique Of Multi-spectral Radiation Thermometry
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