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1. A Study Of Train Traffic Control System Modeling With Petri Nets And Train Operation Adjustment Using Genetic Algorithm
2. Research On Theory And Application For Modeling And Analysis Of Intelligent Hybrid System
3. Research Of Simulation Framework And Implement Strategy On Driver, Vehicle, Highway And Environment System
4. Petri Nets Theory Based Product Development Process Modeling
5. Synthesis Of Controller For Discrete Event Systems Based Reduction
6. Study On Project Scheduling And Resource Optimization In Highway Construction Based On Petri Nets
7. Research On Business Process Reconfiguration And Integration Technology Of ERP System In Networked Manufacturing Environment
8. Research On Modeling, Scheduling And Controller Of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Using Petri Nets
9. The Analysis Of Uncertain Temporal Knowledge Based On EFTPN And Its Applications In Railway
10. VPSs Based Manufacturing System Mode And Its Application Research
11. Research On Key Technology Of Fault Diagnosis For Complex Mechatronic Equipment
12. Research On Strategy Army Railway Transportation
13. Aero-Engine Workshop Maintenance Procedure Modeling Based On Petri Nets And Its Application
14. Design Of Liveness-enforcing Supervisors Based On Deadlock-free Initial Markings Of Petri Nets
15. Research On Fault Diagnositc Technology For Power System Based On Information Fusion Theory
16. Liveness-enforcing Supervisor Design For Automated Manufacturing Systems Using Generalized Petri Nets
17. Route Allocation Problem And Buffer Times At Large-Scale Passenger Rail Stations
18. Study On Scheduling Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets
19. Research On Test Theory And Method Of Small Satellite Under The Operational Response Space
20. Modularized Modeling And Reliability Analysis Of Manufacture Systems Based On GSPN & ESPN
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