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1. Model Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Radio Propagation With High-Speed Railway Environment
2. Spatial Probabilistic Characteristics Of Geotechnical Parameters And Probability Analysis Of Consolidation Of Soft Clay Ground
3. Study On The Method Of Dynamic Control Of The Limit Water Level And Its Risk Analysis
4. A Study On Matched Field Processing Of Underwater Acoustic Signals
5. Researches On The Small Sample Statistical Inference And Fusion Theory And Its Application To The Assessment Of Weapon System
6. Random Model And Solution To Surge And Waterhammer
7. Study On Traffic Flow Model Based On Cellular Automata Theory
8. Research Of Evaluation Method And Its Application Technology In Rolling Bearing Test With Poor Information
9. Study On Characteristics Of Wind Load On Double-skin Facade Of Buildings With Typical Shapes
10. Grounding Grids Corrosion Diagnosis Based On Hierarchical Simplification Model
11. Study On Release Region Calculation For Guided Bombs
12. Research On The Probabilistic Modeling Of Distributed Generation And Its Influences On Power Systems
13. Study On The Wind-environment And Wind Loads Of The Long-span Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge With Tall Piers In Mountainous Areas
14. Study On Short-Term Forecasting And Dispatching Of Wind Power
15. The Probability Distribution Rule Of Highway Tunnel Concrete Construction Thickness And Reliability Analysis
16. Multivariate Joint Probability Distribution And Its' Application To Analysis Of Plentiful Or Scanty Runoff Encountering In South-to-North Water Transfer Project (East Areas)
17. Research Of Bending Fatigue Life Of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)
18. Study Of Ionic Radial Density And Probability Distribution Of Halo Ion In Five Different Initial Distributions Of High Intensity Ion Beam
19. The Research On Several Issues During EMC Test
20. Research On Space Debris Orbital Parameter Distribution Rule In LEO
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