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1. Research On Simulation For Lateral Vibration And Structures Suitable For High Speed Of Railway Bridges
2. Research On Resonance Mechanism Of Power System Low Frequency Oscillations
3. Study On Non-linear Statics,Kinematics And Dynamics Of Cable And Cabin System For Large Radio Telescope
4. Vibration,Passive And Semi-Active Control Of Cables For Large-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges
5. Dynamic Model And Analysis Method Of Elastic Mechanism Systems With Damping Alloys Parts And Its Industry Application
6. Research On Structure Vibration Of Hydropower House
7. Optimization Theory Of Acoustic Levitation And Its Experimental Applications
8. Study On Application Of Stochastic Resonance Theory On Faint Signal Detection
9. Study On The Longitudinal-Torsional Ultrasonic Motor
10. Study On The High Negative Voltage Pulse Power Supply For ECRH
11. Study On Nonlinear Dynamics Of Valve System Of Internal Combustion Engine
12. Dynamic Analyses Of Ground And Tunnel Responses Due To High-speed Train Moving Loads
13. Dynamic Stability Analysis Of The Guyed Masts
14. Investigation On Thermoacoustic Theory And Experiment Of Thermoacoustically Driven Pulse Tube Refrigerators
15. Research On The Near-field Optics Theory And Key Techniques Of Non-probe Near-field Optical Microscope
16. Theoretical And Experimental Investigations On Dynamics Of Spur Planetary Gear Transmissions Based On Planet Phasing Theory
17. Wind-Induced Internal Pressure Of Structure With Openings And Its Coupling Effect With Flexible Roof
18. On Methodology And Application Of Weak Characteristic Signal Detection Based On Stochastic Resonance
19. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On Elastodynamics Of Three-Ring Gear Transmissions
20. Research On Open Fault Diagnosis Framework And Dynamic Meseaurement Anlysis Methods
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