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1. Research On Z-source Inverter
2. Development Of Consuming Electrode Gas Shielded Arc Welding Inverter Control System
3. Study Of Improved Half Bridge Zero Current Transition Resonant Converter
4. Study On A Novel Zero-Voltage And Zero-Current Three-Level Full-Bridge Converter
5. Research And Application Of Phase-shifted Controlled ZVZCS Full-bridge Converter
6. Study On A High Efficiency Low Output Voltage DC Power Supplies Based On CCM Flyback Converter With A New Driving Scheme
7. Investigation On Wireless-Parallel Technology Of Single-phase Inverters
8. Research On Control Techniques Of High Power LED
9. Study On Soft-Switching Three-Level DC-DC Converter
10. Study On An Improved Full Bridge Soft-Switching Converter
11. Research And Design Of Boost Chopper Converter
12. Research And Application Of Peak-current Controlled ZVS Full-bridge Converter
13. Research On LLC Series Resonant Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter
14. Research On Three-Phase PFC Technique Based On One-Cycle-Control
15. Research On LLC Resonant Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter
16. Narrow-control-bandwidth Operation Of Piezoelectric-transformer Converter
17. Research On LLC Resonant Converter
18. Study On The Digital Peak Voltage-Peak Current Control Of Switching-Mode Power Supply
19. Research On ZVZCS DC-DC Converter Using A Passive Resonant Circuit
20. Design And Research Of DC Power Supply Based On Technique Of Soft Switching And Parallel Balanced Current
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