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1. The Open Vehicle Routing Problems And Their Applications
2. Research On Imaging Reconnaissance Satellite Scheduling Problem
3. A Study On Distribution Network Planning And Optimal Operation Based On Intelligence Optimization Algorithms
4. Studies On Fuzzy Evaluation Based Multi-Objective Optimization In Distribution Networks
5. Research On Photo-reconnaissance Satellites Scheduling Problem For Area Targets Observation
6. Research On The Region Air-Defense Campaign Command Decision Based On Swarm Intelligence
7. Research On Aircraft Stands Assignment And Optimization In Civil Airport
8. A Study On BRT Network Planning And Optimal Frequency Based On Intelligence Optimization Algorithms
9. Research On Vehicle Routing Problem
10. Study Of Model And Heuristic Algorithms For Location Routing Problems
11. Study On Regional Bus Scheduling Problem Under APTS
12. Scheme Reserch And Optimal Assessment Of Urban Power Grid Black-start
13. Study On The Dynamic Pick-up Vehicle Scheduling Problems
14. Study On Scheduling Problems With Controllable Job-processing Times
15. Study Of Distribution Network Optimal Planning Based GIS
16. Study On The Algorithm Of The Distribution Network Power Flow Computation And Reconfiguration
17. Optimization Model And Algorithm Of Train Operation Adjustment In Subbureau Dispatch System
18. Distribution Fault Detection, Isolation And Restoration System On The Tabu Search Theory
19. The Study Of The Tabu Search Algorithms And Its Application To The Electromagnetic Field Optimizations
20. The Study Of Heuristic Algorithm In Distribution Network Planning
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