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1. Studies Of Supercapacitors Based On Manganese Oxides And Carbon Materials
2. Study On Electrode Materials For Electrochemical Capacitor
3. The Study On Optimum Combination Of Ozone/Biological Activated Carbon Further Treatment Process And Water Quality In Qiantang River Water Source Water Treatment Plants
4. Optimum And Experimental Study On Solar Powered Solid Adsorption Refrigeration System
5. Biomass Pyrolysis Under Conventional And Unconventional Conditions And Comprehensive Utilization Of The Biomass
6. Optimization Of Drinking Water Advanced Treatment Process
7. Study On Advanced Treatment Source Water In Shanghai By Combination Process Between PAC And Ultrafiltration
8. Study On The Content Of Microcystins In The Water Source Of Shanghai And The Optimal Removal Methods
9. Control Technology And Mechanism Of Geosmin And 2-Methylisoborneol
10. Study On Removal Performance And Degradation Mechanism Of Steroidal Estrogens In Water
11. Theoretical And Experimental Investigations Of The Equilibrium Study For Fluidized Bed Adsorption Refrigeration
12. Tailoring Pore Size And Surface Modification Of Activated Carbon As Electrode Materials For Supercapacitor
13. Laboratory, Pilot And Full Scale Investigations Of Catalytic Ozonation For Upgrading Drinking Water Quality
14. Research On Determination And Removal Of The Representative Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals From Drinking Water
15. Study On The Hybrid Supercapacitors With High Performance
16. Optimization Of The Drinking Water Pretreatment And The Combined Membrane Filtration Process
17. Research On The Catalytic Activity And Mechanism Of HI Decomposition Via Original And Modified Activated Carbon
18. Design And Electrochemical Performance Of High Specific Energy Lithium Ion Capacitor
19. High Specific Energy Electrochemical Capacitors
20. Supercapacitors And Related Materials Research
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