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1. The Design For U Type Concrete Block Forming Machine And The Study About Its Automatic Control System
2. Research On The ADIC Automatic Production Line Intelligent Electrical Control System
3. The Development Of Hydromechatronics Small Automated Production Line
4. Development Of Micro Inductors Automatic Production Machine And Related Studies
5. Control System Design For Brake Rod Automatic Production Line
6. The License Plate Automatic Production Line Of Aluminum Semi-finished Drying System Energy Optimal Control Study
7. Study On Carburetor Automatic Production Line Based On PLC
8. Design And Research Of Automatic Sintering Production Line For Clutch Pressure Plate
9. Based System Design And Research WinAC Control Of Automated Production Lines
10. The Forge Process And Defect Prevention Of Connecting Rod In Ele-hydraulichammer Automatic Production Line
11. Research On Maintenance Management Of Automatic Production Line For X Company
12. The Structure Design And Analysis Of The Sound-absorbing Panel Automatic Production Line’s Chain Drived Mainline
13. Air Conditioning Assembly Automation Production Line Technology Research And System Design
14. Research On Automatic Production Line Of Wallboard Based On Wireless Network Communication
15. Design And Development Of Automatic Control System For Corrugated Radiating Fin Automatic Production Line
16. Design And Research Of Roller Automatic Production Line Control System
17. BIW Welding Automatic Production Line Fault Diagnosis Expert System’s Design And Implementationon
18. Zinc-Silver Battery Negative Film Automatic Production Line Development And Key Technology Research
19. Development And Application Of The Zinc-Silver Battery Negative Film Automatic Production Line Integrated Control System
20. Design And Implementation Of The Intelligent Production Line For Car Welding
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