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1. Optimal Control Of On-Board Energy Storage Systems And New Power Supply Networks For Dual-source Trolleybuses
2. Consensus Control Of Multi-agent Systems In Complex Environments And Its Applications In Cooperative Flight Control Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
3. Research On The Improved Power Control Strategies Of The Distributed Generation In Microgrid
4. Study On Driving Consensus Control Of Multi-vehicles Cooperation In The Adjacent Area Of Traffic Signal Control With T-CPS View
5. Research On Multi-agent Theory-based Distributed Power Sharing Control And Power Quality Management Strategy For Multiple-inverters In Microgrids
6. Research On Signal Coordination And Consensus Control Of Urban Traffic Network
7. Cooperative Mission Planning For Multiple UAVs Based On The Threat Netting
8. Research On Grid-forming Control Strategy Of Microgrid Inverter
9. Cooperative Control Of Multiple UAVs With Actuator Saturation
10. Research On Consensus Control Of Multiple Simple-pendulums Network Systems Based On Output Feedback
11. Research On Distributed Adaptive Consensus Control For Multi-manipulator System
12. Research On Consensus Vibration Control Technology For Large Flexible Spacecraft
13. Network Based Multi-Motor Speed Synchronization Via Multi-Agent Consensus Protocol
14. Adaptive Control Based Formation Control Technology For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
15. Research On Decentralized Coordinated Scheduling Strategy Of Air Conditioning Load Based On Multi-Agent System
16. Research On Coordination Control Strategy And Consensus Control Of Multi-microgrids
17. UAV Formation Algorithn For Multipath Channel Based On Communication Topology Optimization
18. Stability And Safety Of Consensus Control Of Connected Vehicle Systems
19. Consensus Control Strategy For Heavy-duty Vehicles Platooning With Hydraulic Retarder
20. Research On Multi-agent Network Topology Optimization And Its Applications In Connected And Automated Vehicles
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