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1. Research Of High Power Density DC-DC Converters And Passive Components Integration Within Them
2. The Research On The Array Planar Integrated Magnetics Of The Switch Transformer
3. The Research On The Planar Integrated Magnetics In The Soft Switching Converter
4. Research On The Thin-filmplanar Integrated Magnetics Of Switch Converter
5. Design Of LLC Resonant Converters
6. The IM-FAC Converter Applicable To DC-DC Power Module
7. The Research On The Theory Of Magnetic Integration And Its Application In Multiple Magnetic Circuit Transformers
8. Study On Planar Integrated Magnetics Of Switch Converter
9. The Research On The Thin-film Planar Integrated Magnetic Of The Forward Converter With Active Clamp Circuit
10. The IM-TTF Converter Based On AC Flux Positive Coupling
11. Research Of High Power Density Class-E Resonant Converter
12. Research On Low Power DC/DC Converter With High Power Density
13. Control Characteristics And Magnetic Integration Techniques For Class E Converter
14. Systematic Research On Magnetic-integration Techniqhes In Forward Converters
15. Applied Research Of The Variable Structural Control In The Magnetic Array Integrated Voltage Regulator Modules
16. The Microwave Frequency The Llc Resonant Soft-switching Power
17. Research On Vrm Converter With Soft-switching And Magnetic Integration Technology
18. Theoretical Analysis On Magnetic Integration Technology Of Controllable Reactors Of Transformer Type
19. Research On Interleaving Parallel Magnetic Integration Bi-directional DC/DC Converter
20. The Research On Intrinsic Safety Characteristics Of Buck Converter With Multiphase Interleaving Integrated Magnetics
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