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1. Development Of Photocatalytic Reactor For Treatment Of Centralized Air Conditioning Cooling Water
2. Research On The Performance Of Organic Supercapacitors
3. Preparation And Electrochemical Capacitance Properties Of Three-dimensional Ni(OH)2, Co(OH)2 Electrodes
4. Preparation And Study Of Composite Photo Anodes For Dye - Sensitized Solar Cells
5. High-power Nickel-metal Hydride Battery
6. The Electrochemical Performance Of Silver Oxide Electrodes About Zinc Silver Oxide Reserve Batteries
7. Preparation And Electrochemical Properties Of Ni1-xCox(OH)2Supported On Nickel Foam
8. Ow-cost And High-performance Air Cathode Reparation For Microbal Fuel Cells And Exploration Of Cathode State
9. Electrochemical Treatment Of Nickel Foam Current Collector And Fundamental Research Of Its Energy Storage Property
10. Preparation And Electrochemical Performances Of S-Ni Integral Cathode For Lithium Sulfur Batteries
11. Simulation Study On The Effects Of Nickel Foam On The Phase Change Process And The Thermal Performance Of The Unit Tube
12. In Situ Self-growth Of NiO And NiO Composite Materials On Nickel Foam Substrate And Research Of Their Electrochemical Properties
13. Heat Transfer And Flow Characteristics Of Plate Heat Exchanger Filled With Iron-Nickel Foam
14. Preparation And Electrichemical Performance Of NiO Electrode Materials For Supercapacitors
15. Preparation And Electrochemical Properties Of Transition Metal Oxides Supported On Nickel Foam
16. Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Novel Supercapacitor Electrode Materials
17. Synthesis Of Nickel Sulfide/selenide With Tailored Muti-morphologies And Their Lithium Storage Properties
18. Preparation And Supercapacitor Properties Of Three Dimensional MnO2 And Co3O4 Electrode
19. Preparation And Performances Of Transition Metal Oxides(Sulfides) As Anode Materials For Lithium Ion Batteries With Binder-free
20. Studies On Three-dimensional Micro-nano Structures For Lithium Batteries
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