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1. Research On The Advanced Applications In Fault Information Management System Of Power Systems
2. Research On Operational Characteristics Of A Valveless Self Excited Pulse Combustor Of The Helmholtz-type
3. Study On Turbogenerators' Operational Characteristics When Considering Saturation And The Designing Of Finite-Element Software
4. The Simulation Analysis Of Generators For The Chongqing Power Plant
5. The Experimental Research Of Operating Performance Of The Ground Source Heat Pump With Vertical U-Tube Heat Exchanger
6. Study On Synchronous-generator's Magnetic Field Nonlinear Characteristics And Operational Characteristics
7. Digital Synchronous Motor Vector Control System And Research On Operational Characteristics
8. Systematical Design And Experimental Investigation On A New Plane-plate Capillary Pumped Loop
9. Desulfurization Operational Characteristics And Industrial Trials Of The Circulating Fluided Bed Boiler
10. Research On Productive Experiment Of Integrated Biological Filter For Municipal Wastewater Treatment
11. Research On The Operational Characteristics Of Household Air-conditioner With Condenser Heat Recovery
12. The Investigation Of The Operational Characteristics Of Air Atomization Injector In The Gas Turbine And The Numerical Simulation Of The Flame Tube Dome
13. Simulation And Evaluation For Operational Characteristics Of Traction Substation Based On Test Data
14. Study On The Automobile Operational Characteristics And Brake Braking Quality Of The Freeway In The Continuous Descent
15. Studies Of Effects Of Distributed Energy Storage On Operational Characteristics Of Micro-grid
16. Busway System Operational Characteristics Study
17. Research On Operational Characteristics Of New Converter Transformer In DC Transmission System
18. Analysis Of Traffic Flow Characteristic Of Urban Expressway Ramp Entrance
19. Research On Steady State And Transient Operational Characteristics Of UHV Half-wavelength AC Transmission System
20. Phosphate Removal Performance And Operational Characteristics Of Alternative Anaerobic/Aerobic Process Composed Of BAFs With Crystal Seed Media
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