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1. Procurement And Pricing Of AGC And Operating Reserve In Electricity Market Environment
2. Study On Direct Optimal Dispatch Model For Large-scale Water Distribution Systems
3. Study On The Real-time Optimal Dispatch In Deregulated Environment
4. Cascade Hydropower Stations Joint Optimal Dispatch And Decision-making Method
5. Research On Cascade Hydropower Stations Joint Optimal Dispatch Considering Eco-environment Effect
6. Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) Applied In The Cascade Hydropower Station
7. Optimal Dispatch Strategy Of Flood Control System Of Middle-lower Reaches Of Beijiang And Research On Scientific Management Mode
8. Optimal Dispatch Model In Municipal Water Supply System
9. Research On On-line Adaptive Optimal Dispatch For Thermal System
10. Transform And Optimal Dispatch For Thermal Power System Of A Cogeneration Power Plant
11. Optical Dispatch And Visual Program System For Water Resources In River Region
12. Study On Optimal Dispatch For Baojixia Irrigation Area And Headwaters Engineering Management Strategy Research In Western Region Of Guanzhong
13. Study On Container Transportation Equipment Optimal Dispatch Based On GIS
14. Research On Thermal Power Plant Load Optimal Dispatch System
15. Research On Short-Term Generation Scheduling Of Hydro-power System And Optimal Dispatch Software System
16. Research Of Plant Load Optimal Dispatch System Based On SIS
17. Study On Optimize Dispatcher Of Secondary Water Supply System In Multi-Pumping Stations
18. JingPoHu Reservoir's Optimizing Dispatch And Supervision
19. Study On Optimal Dispatch For Tarim Irrigation Area
20. Pump Optimal Selection Of Water Supply Works And Its Secure And Economical Operation Strategy
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