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1. Model Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Radio Propagation With High-Speed Railway Environment
2. Spatial Probabilistic Characteristics Of Geotechnical Parameters And Probability Analysis Of Consolidation Of Soft Clay Ground
3. Study On The Optimal Allocation Policy Of Tactical Missiles To Targets
4. Study On Diagnosis Models And Methods Of Steam Turbine Generator-Set's Vibration Multiple Faults
5. Study On The Method Of Dynamic Control Of The Limit Water Level And Its Risk Analysis
6. A Study On Matched Field Processing Of Underwater Acoustic Signals
7. Study On The PTV Technique And 3D Movement Of Particles
8. Study On The Motion Characteristics Of Suspended Particles
9. Study On The Analytical Methods Of Structural System Reliability
10. Theory Of The Analyses Of The Shot Effectiveness Of The Weapon Systems
11. Researches On The Small Sample Statistical Inference And Fusion Theory And Its Application To The Assessment Of Weapon System
12. The Reliability Theory And Application On Slope Stability Of Earth And Rock-Filled Dams And Liquefaction Of Dams Foundation
13. Nonlinear Probabilistic Dynamic Response Analysis Of Effective Stress Of Earth Dams Under Nonstationary Seismic Loadings
14. Probability Evaluation Of Cataclastic Rock Mass Used For High Concrete Dam Foundation
15. Theoretical Studies On Vector Acoustic Field And Vector Signal Processing
16. Analysis Of Integral Destroy Of The Tremendous Unsymmetrical Floating Structure
17. Modeling And Analysis Of Maintenance Support Capability Assessment Of Equipments In The Usage Phase
18. Random Model And Solution To Surge And Waterhammer
19. Theory And Practice Of Holistic Simulation On Water Resources System
20. The Research On Time-dependent Reliability Of Concrete Cable-stayed Bridges During Construction
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