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Keyword [quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization]
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1. Research On The System Modeling And Controlling For The Mooring Shifting Project Vessel
2. Research On UAV Path Planning Algorithm And Its Application
3. Optimization For PID Control Method On Hydraulic Servo Control System
4. Studies On Modified Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Reactive Power Optimization In Power System
5. Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Power Fault Section Estimation
6. Reactive Power Optimization Based On Hybrid Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
7. A Simulation Study On Economic Dispatch Of Electrical Power System Based On The Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
8. Stiffness Optimization Of Large-span Roof Structures Under Wind Loads By The Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
9. Research On Fault Diagnosis Of Gearbox Based On Quantum Optimization And ARMA Model
10. Study On Structural Parameter Identification Based On QPSO
11. Research On The Parameters Optimization Of LCL Filter In Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter
12. Research On Active Noise Control Based On Iterative Learning Control
13. Optimization Of Cooling Water System Of Central Air-conditioning
14. Multi-objective Intelligent Distribution Network Planning Study With DG Units
15. The Applied Research Based On QPSO In Bridge Health Monitoring
16. The Application Of Improved Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization In Structural Identification
17. Economical Dispatch For Microgrid Based On Quantum Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
18. Impact And Optimal Dispatch Of Electric Vehicles Access To Power Grid
19. Vibration Signal Fault Diagnosis Based On Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
20. Distribution Network Optimal Reconfiguration With Distribution Power
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