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1. Hybrid Modeling And Analysis Of Power Systems
2. Study On Traveling-wave Based Fault Location For Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines And Research On Medium-Voltage Inverter
3. Research On Digital Optic-Electric Transducer And Its Application To Relay Protection
4. Inspection, Analysis And Restraining Of DC Transmission On Power Grid Equipment
5. Studies On Voltage Sags For Distribution Systems
6. Research Of Bridge Type High-Tc Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
7. The Research On Over-Voltage And Protection & Control System For UHV Transmission Line
8. New Principles For Online Large Generator's Internal Faults Identification And Application Of The Traveling Waves
9. Research On Data Modeling And Application Of Relay Protection And Fault Information System
10. Research On Several Important Issues In Power System Reliability Assessment
11. Research On New Methods Of Power System Relay Protection And Failure Detection
12. Research On The New Principle And Application Problems For The Fast Main Protection Of Large Power Transformers
13. Research On Relay Coordination And Cooperation Of Extra-High-Voltage Transmission Lines
14. Study Of New Principle And Realization Technology Of Transmission Line Protection
15. Probability Of Relay Protection Failure And Its Impact On Operational Reliability Of Power Transmission System
16. Pilot Protection Of Ultra-High-Voltage Transmission Lines With Directional Comparision
17. Fault Analysis And Relay Protection For Six-Phase Transmission Lines
18. Some Studies And Applications On Digital Protection Of High-Voltage Switchgear In Underground Coal Mine
19. Studies Of Relay Protection Based On Wide-area Measurement Information And Related Issues
20. Protection Characteristic Analysis And Novel Principles Research On The HV Transmission Line
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