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Keyword [secondary frequency]
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1. Research On AGC And Reserve Ancillary Service In Power Market Environment
2. The Solving Method And Application Of Control Power Flow Of Given Line Power Constraint
3. Analysis Of Frequency Stability In A Wind Farm Electrical Network
4. Coordinated Frequency Control Of Power Systems Based On Differential Games Theory
5. The Study On Turbine Control In A Separated Power Grid
6. Research On Frequency Regulation Ability In Electric Power Systems Considering Uncertainty Caused Bywind Power
7. Cooperative Control Of Power System Frequency Based On Differential Games Theory
8. The Research On Micro Grid Operation Control Based On Improved Droop Control
9. Studies On Hybrid HVDC System And Its Control Strategies Used For Grid Integration Of Wind Power
10. Optimization Of Primary Frequency Modulation And Secondary Frequency Modulation Strategy For Generator Unit
11. Research On Energy Management And Coordinated Control Of Microgrid System
12. Resreach On The Dispatch Of Frequency Regulation Reserve For The Large Receiving-END Grid
13. Research On Energy Storagy Modeling And Control Strategy Of The Air Conditioning Load
14. Vehicle-To-Grid Control For The Supplementary Frequency Regulation Of A Power Grid
15. Design And Implementation Of Track Frequency Shift Acquisition Based On Cortex-M4
16. Research On The Frequency Regulation Control Strategy For The Electric Vehicles Considering The Lifespan Of Power Batteries
17. Research On TheDesign And Control Strategy Of MGCC
18. Studies Of Coordiated AGC Control Strategy And Mining Technology For Secondary Frequency Regulation Capacity Of Interconnected Power System
19. Research On Control Of Frequency And Voltage For A Microgrid
20. Impact Of Large-scale Electric Vehicles On Power Grid And Application Of It To Frequency Regulation
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