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1. Spatial Probabilistic Characteristics Of Geotechnical Parameters And Probability Analysis Of Consolidation Of Soft Clay Ground
2. Soil Displacement And Pore Pressure By Pile Driving In Soft Clay With Structure Damage
3. Study Of Consolidation Behavior Of Soft Clay With Structure Characteristics And Application In Practice
4. A Research On The Consolidation Settlement And Stability Of Soft Clay Ground With Structure Characteristic
5. Study On The Interaction Of The Pavement And Soft Clay Ground Under Generalized Load
6. Study Of Structured Soft Clay And Consolidation Behavior Of Sand-wall Ground
7. Studies On The One-Dimensional Elastic-Viscoplastic Consolidation Behavior Of Structured Soft Clay
8. Vacuum Preloading: Experiment And Theory
9. Studies On The Consolidation Behavior Of Soft Soil Around A Circular Tunnel And The Interaction Theory
10. Elastic-Viscoplastic Consolidation Theory Of Non-linear Rheologic Structured Soft Clay And Settlement Calculation Of Vertical Drains Ground
11. Study On The Dynamic Stress In Ground Induced By Train Moving Load And Cyclic Properties Of Soft Saturated Clay
12. Study On Tests And Analysis On Theory Of Coupled Behaviors Of Consolidation And Creep Of Soft Clay
13. Large Deformation Consolidation Stochastic Finite Element Analyse Of Soft-clay Road Embankment
14. Model Tests And Study On Mechanism Of Pile-Soil Interaction In Soft Clay
15. Experimental Study On Effect Of Variation Of Principal Stress Orientation On Undisturbed Soft Clay
16. Experimental Study On The Properties Of Structural Soft Clay Under Cyclic Loading
17. Research On Mechanism Of Silty Soft Clay Under Impact Loading And Its Application
18. Degradation Of Soil Structure And Anisotropic Plasticity Evolution Of Natural Clay
19. Study On Cyclic Capacity Of Bucket Foundation On Soft Clay
20. Study On Dynamic Performance Of Soft Clay And Dynamic Response Of Reinforced Pavements Under Traffic Loading
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