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1. Studies Of Supercapacitors Based On Manganese Oxides And Carbon Materials
2. Study On Supercapacitor Modular Technology
3. Research On The Preparation And Electrochemical Performances Of Mesoporous Carbons As Electrode Material For Supercapacitor
4. Preparation Of Carbon Aerogel And Its Application In Supercapacitor
5. Studies On Carbon Materials And Ruthenium Oxide As Electrode Materials For Supercapacitors
6. Tailoring Pore Size And Surface Modification Of Activated Carbon As Electrode Materials For Supercapacitor
7. Study On The Design Theory And Control Menthod Issues Of Synergic Electric Power System On Bus
8. Research On Dynamic Equalization Of Supercapacitors Bank Applied In Electric Bus
9. Studies On Gelatin-Based And CVD Carbon Materials For Supercapacitor
10. Study On The Preparation And Supercapacitive Behavior Of Spinel Manganese Oxide
11. Research On Supercapacitor Electrodes Of Hierarchically Structured Metal Oxides
12. The Study Of Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Plant-based Porous Carbon
13. In-situ Electrochemical Co-deposition Of Polyaniline And Manganese Oxides And Pseudocapacitive Properties Of The Obtained Films
14. Preparation,characterization, And Capacitive Performances Of Layered Double Hydroxide Containing Cobalt And Aluminum
15. Construction And Control Of Energy Storage Systems Used In Renewable Energy And Micro Grid
16. Study On Metal Oxide And Its Composite Materials For Supercapacitor Electrode
17. Control Synthesis And Capacitive Properties Of Ni - Based Supercapacitor Electrode Materials
18. Supercapacitors And Related Materials Research
19. Preparation And Properties Of Carbon Airgel Electrode Material Of The Storage Capacitor
20. Research And Implementation Of Wheeled Crane Hybrid Power System
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