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Keyword [variable structure control]
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1. Research On TCSC Control Schemes For Damping Teh Low Frequency Oscillation Of Power Systems
2. Theory And Experiment On Active Compliance Control Of Rigid-Flexible Arm Under An Uncertain Environment
3. Research And Development On Electromechanical Valve Actuation
4. Research On Pneumatic Muscle Actuator Position Servo System And Its Application
5. Semi-Active Control Of Steel Mega-Frame With Suspended Floors
6. Study Of Speed Sensorless Vector-Controlled Servo Drives Of IM
7. Research On Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control Of Structural Vibration
8. Fuzzy Wavelet Network And Its Applications For Pmsm Control
9. Research On Control Strategies Of Vehicle Anti-Lock Brake System And Vehicle Braking Stability Based On Simulation
10. Sensorless Operation Of PMSM DTC And Investigation Of Sensor Integration
11. Modelling And Control Of The Quasi-Homogeneous Lean Burn Engine
12. Nonlinear Variable Structure Excitation Control Of Power System Based On Lyapunov Theory
13. Variable Structure Control Of Active Magnetic Bearings
14. Active Vibration Control Of Flexible Spacecraft During Attitude Maneuver
15. Power System Nonlinear Variable Structure Control
16. On The New Control Stratergys For High Precision AC Servo Drive Systems
17. Follow The Tracks Of Control And Experiment Study On The Principle On The Hybrid-driven Machine
18. Research On The Reciprocal Power-fed AC Drive Test System For Electric Traction
19. Research On Speed-sensorless Direct Torque Control Of 3-phase Induction Motor Drives
20. Research On Slide Mode Variable-structure Vector Controlled AC Motor
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