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Keyword [electric vehicles(EVs)]
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1. Power System Planning And Operation Strategies Considering Extensive Integration Of Electric Vehicles
2. Study On Optimal Operation And Management Of Distributed Energy Resources And Energy Storage Resources In Microgrid
3. Distribution Network Planning With Wind Turbine, Photovoltaic System, Storage System And Electric Vehicles
4. Research On Microgrid Optimal Dispatch Model With Mobile Power Storages
5. Improved SOC Estimation And Multi-layer Bi-directional Active Equalization Method In Lithium-ion Power Battery
6. Research On DsPIC30F6010A Control System For Switched Reluctance Motor
7. Design And Research Of Electric Vehicle Charging And Swapping Station
8. Study On Distribution Networks Supportability Considering Electric Vehicles Charging Stations
9. Research On Planning Of Charging Station Considering The Traffic Characteristics Of Electric Vehicles
10. Research On Optimal Operation Of The Charging And Swapping Stations Of Electric Vehicles Considering New Energy Integration
11. Optimization Design And Implementation Of State Estimation And Balancing Management System For Lithium-Ion Batteries In Electric Vehicles
12. The Key Technology Of The Super-capacitor And Research Of Its Application In Electric Vehicles
13. Research On Coordinated Dispatch Considering EVsí Charging And Large-scale Wind Power Integration
14. Research On The Modeling And Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Of The Wireless Charging System For Electric Vehicles
15. Reactive Power Compensation Technology Using Electric Vehicles Off-board Charger
16. Convergence Model Of Electric Vehicles In Market Environment And Its Strategy For Participation In Ancillary Service
17. The Electromagnetic Design And Analysis Of A New Type In-Wheel Motor With Novel Synthetic Slots For Electric Vehicles
18. Model Predictive Control And Rapid Development Platform Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors For Electric Vehicles
19. Research On Efficiency Optimization Of Induction Motor Based On Vector Control For Electric Vehicles
20. Research On The Inconsistency And Balancing Management Of Series-Connected Lithium-ion Battery Strings
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