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21. Preparation And Capacitive Properties Of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon-Based Materials For Electrochemical Supercapacitors
22. Research On Real-Time Power Regulating System For Wind Farm Based On Hybrid Energy Storage System
23. Preparation Of Nanocomposites Based On Polvaniline And Their Application As Supercapacitor Electrodes
24. Electrochemical Performance Of Novel Carbon Materials With High Specific Surface Area
25. Research On The Related Techniques Of Supercapacitors
26. Study On The Parametric Design And Control Strategy Of Hybrid Power System For Hybrid Electric Vehicle
27. Preparation And Studies On Supercapacitor Characteristics Of Nano-Metal Oxide
28. Studies On Supercapacitor Characteristics Of Nano-NiO/C
29. Research And Application Of Supercapacitors Of Aqueous Electrolytes
30. Studies On Supercapacitor Electrode Materials Of MnO2
31. Research On The Performance Of Organic Supercapacitors
32. Synthesis And Property Study Of Carbon-nanostructured Aerogels Materials For Supercapacitors Under Alkali Catalyzing
33. Research On System Of Crane Peak Value Power And Inertia Energy Recovery Based On Supercapacitor
34. Constant Current Source Of Testing Supercapacitor
35. The Study Of The Electrode Material Of Supercapacitor
36. Supercapacitor Based On Carbon Nanotubes And Carbon Nanofibers Electrodes
37. Research On The Electrode Materials And The Related Techniques Of Supercapacitors
38. Study On Manganese Oxide/carbon Material For Supercapacitor
39. Electrochemical Capacitance Of Nanosized Metal Oxide Composite Electrodes
40. Electrochemical Capacitance Performance Of Cobalt And Nickel Metal Oxides And Hybrid Supercapacitors
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