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1. CDNA Isolation And Protein Expression Of OBP3 In Six Insects And Identification Of Proteins Associated With Olfaction In Sitobion Avenae
2. The Comparative Studies On The Biological Characteristics And The Preliminary Examining Of Alarm Pheromone Of Tyrophagus Putrescentian
3. Control Effect Of E-β-Farnesene, Z,E-Nepetalactone And Honeydew On Chinese Cabbage Aphid
4. Electroantennographic And Behavioral Responses Of Workers Of The Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Invicta Buren (Hymenoptera:Formicidae) To Alarm Pheromone And Its Analogs
5. Effects Of EβF On Dispersal And Transmission Efficiency Of Myzus Persicae (Sulzer) And Macrosiphum Euphorbiae (Thomas) As Vectors
6. Cloning, Sequences Analysis And Localization In Tissues Of EβF-binding Proteins In Lipaphis Erysimi (Kaltenbach)
7. Study On The Molecular Mechanism Of The Alarm Pheromone Encoding In Pea Aphid
8. Behavioral Responses Of Sitobion Avenae To The Aphid Alarm Pheromone And Wheat Volatiles I Nduced By Aphid Feeding
9. The Sources And Molecular Mechanisms Of The Biosynthesis Of Aphid Alarm Pheromone
10. Identification And Functional Analysis Of The Alarm Pheromone Binding Proteins In The Green Peach Aphid Myzus Persicae
11. Effect Of The Pheromone In Molting Period On Behavior And Physiology Of Red Swamp Crayfish(Procambarus Clarkii)
12. A Slow Release Formulation Manufacture Of E-?-Farnesene Mixed With Methyl Salicylate And Its Effects On Wheat Aphids
13. The Influence Of Non-consumptive Effects Of Harmonia Axyridis On Fitness Of Acythosiphon Pisum
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