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1. Effects Of Forest Fire On Carbon Stability In Deep Soil Of Boreal Forests
2. Influence of overstory composition on understory vegetation and resource environment in the boreal forests of Canada
3. Effects of natural disturbances caused by the Siberian moth, Dendrolimus superans sibiricus (Tschetverikov), and, Fire on the dynamics of boreal forests in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
4. Energy, water, and carbon budgets of young post-fire boreal forests in central Saskatchewan
5. Role of fire severity in controlling patterns of stand dominance following wildfire in boreal forests
6. Influence of fire, logging, and overstory composition on understory abundance, diversity, and composition in boreal forests, Ontario, Canada
7. Assessing the long-term impact of acid deposition and the risk of soil acidification in boreal forests in the Athabasca oil sands region in Alberta, Canada
8. Natural disturbance and structure in two primary boreal forests of western Newfoundland
9. Modelling with CLASS: Representing surface-atmosphere interaction in temperate and boreal forests using the Canadian Land Surface Scheme
10. Fire history of boreal forests: Implications for past climate change
11. Understorey vegetation of carefully logged boreal forests in northeastern Ontario
12. Postdisturbance recovery of aboveground biomass and nutrients in tropical temperate, and boreal forests
13. Modelling landscape-level vegetation dynamics in the boreal forests of northwestern Ontario
14. Climate change-associated temporal increase of tree mortality and its consequences in central and western Canadian boreal forests
15. Soil Microbial Diversity And Stoichiometric Dynamics In Boreal Forests At Different Successional Stages
16. Response Of Boreal Forest Rhizosphere Microbes To Nitrogen Addition
17. Responses Of Tree Growth And Soil Respiration To Long-term Nitrogen Additions In Boreal Forests
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