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1. The Effect Of The New Type Of Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP And BASF Compound Fertilizer On Yield Of Different Crops
2. Study On Vegetable Nitrate Pollution Control By Nitrogen Feretilizer With Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP And Nitrate Quick Determination Techniques
3. Effects Of Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP On Soil Nitrate Leaching And Vegetable Production
4. Comparison Of Urease/Nitrification Inhititors And Influence Of 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate (DMPP) On Nitrogen Patch And Wheat Root Micro-Distribution
5. Effects Of Intensive Management On Soil CO2、N2O Emission And Ammonia-oxidizing Organisms In Phyllostachys Praecoxf.prevelnalis Forest
6. Effects Of Combined Application Of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers Plus Dmpp On Nitrogen Transformation And Microbial Activity In Soils
7. The Study Of Inhibitory Effect And Mechanism Of Nitrification Inhibitor DMPP
8. Effect Of Organic Fertilizer And DMPP On Nitrogen Transformation In Vegetable Field System
9. Response Of Soil Ammonia-oxidizing Microorganisms To Fertilizers And Nitrification Inhibitors And Its Relation To Nitrogen Transformation In Phyllostachys Edulis Plantations
10. Effects Of Nitrification Inhibitor 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate (DMPP) On Nitrate Nitrogen Contents And N Utilization And Absorption In Peach Orchards
11. Effects Of Organic Fertilizer And DMPP On N2O Emission And Ammonia-oxidizing Microorganisms
12. Effect Of Nitrogen Synergist And Biochar On Nitrogen Transformation And Utilization Efficiency Of Paddy Soil
13. Characteristics And Root Zone Regulation Of N2O And CO2 Emission In Soil-Ridged Substrate-Embedded Cultivation In Chinese Solar Greenhouse
14. Application Effect Of Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Synergists For Apple In Reducing Fertilizer Application And Increasing Efficiency
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