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1. Study On The Disaster Forecast Of Masson Pine Caterpillar Dendrolimus Punctatus(Walker)
2. Study On The Rapid Induced Resistance And Chemical Signals From Pinus Massoniana
3. Basic Study On Application Of Metarhizium Against Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
4. Elementary Study On The Exploitation Of Protein Feed With Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
5. Allelochemical Interactions Between Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker And Damaged Pinus Massoniana Lamb
6. Study On Egg Parasitoids Of Masson Pine Caterpillar (Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker) Under Different Host Population Densities
7. Research On Ecological Restoration Technologies For Controlling Dendrolimus Punctatus Calamity
8. Absorption And Identification Of The Semiochemicals From Pinus Massoniana And Dendrolimus Punctatus And Activity Tests To Parasitoids
9. Main Risky Pest Monitoring Of Pinus Massoniana Forests In Wuyi Scenery Spot
10. Study On Influence Of Pinus Massoniana Lamb.Damaged At Different Degrees On Population Quantity Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
11. Preliminary Studies On Physiology And Biochemistry Of Larvae Of Dendrolimus Tabulaeformis Tsai Et Liu,Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker And Their Cross-breeding Offspring
12. Analysis Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker Population Outbreak Dynamics With Catastrophe Models
13. Extraction Of Fat And Concentration Of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids In Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
14. Extraction Of Chitin From Dendrolimus Punctatus Larva And Production Of Chitosan
15. Xianju Dendrolimus Punctatus Forecast
16. Comparison Of Characteristic Substances In Masson Pine(Pinus Massoniana Lamb.)Resistant To Pine Moth(Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker)
17. Reproductive Biology In The Pine Caterpilar, Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker (Lepidoptera:Lasiocampidae)
18. The Bab Forest Farm Three Main Pest Occurrence Regularity And Control Measures
19. Mate Preference And Reproductive Fitness In Pine Caterpilar,dendrolimus Punctatus Walker (Lepidoptera:Lasiocampidae):Effect Of Adult Age,Body Size And Mating History
20. Mating Behavior And Reproductive Fitness In Pine Caterpilar,dendrolimus Punctatus Walker(Lepidoptera:Lasiocampidae)
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