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1. Studies On The Isolation, Pure Culture And DNA Identification Of Mycelia Of Lactarius Deliciosus
2. Alleviation Of Aluminum Toxicity By Ectomycorrhizal Fungi And Ectomycorrhizae
3. Study On Drying Stress Model And Continuous Measurement Of Drying Strain Of Pinus Massoniana Board
4. Study On Physiological Genetics Of Cutting Propagation And Mineral Nutrition Of Masson Pine (Pinuns Massoniana Lamb.)
5. Screening Of Sueperior Geniotypes For Pulpwood And Its Genecology Of Masson Pine
6. A Study On The Technology Of Helth Monitoring And Regulation Of The Forests Under Acid Deposition In Tieshanping, Chongqing
7. Characteristics Of Community And Litter Of Mid-subtropical Schima Superba And Pinus Massoniana Plantations In Restoration Processes
8. Study On The Rapid Induced Resistance And Chemical Signals From Pinus Massoniana
9. Histology And Cytology Of Resin Ducts At Different Development Stages In Pinus Massoniana
10. The Composition And Diversity Structure Of Arthropod Community In Pine Forest Ecosystem Invaded By Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus
11. Study On Management Technology And Models For Pinus Massoniana Resin Stands In Guangxi
12. Study On Growth Of Pinus Massoniana And Cupressus Funebris And Its Health Management In Three Gorges Reservoir Area
13. Study On The Communication Between Healthy And Pest-fed Pinus Massoniana And Differential Expression Proteins Induced By MeJA
14. Carbon Storage In Main Plantation Ecosystems, Fujian Province
15. Genetic Variation, Gene Control Pattern And Environment Effect Of Growth And Wood Property In Pinus Massoniana
16. Construction And Analysis Of Pinus Massoniana SSH CDNA Library Inoculated With Bursaphelenchus Xylophilus
17. Construction Of Suppression Subtracted CDNA Library Of Pinus Massoniana And Cloning Of Disease Resistance Genes Related To Pine Wilt Disease
18. Study On The Selection Of Second-generation Breeding Parents And The Mating System Of Seed Orchard In Pinus Massoniana
19. Genetic Improvement Of Key Wood And Resin Properties Of Pinus Massoniana Lamb
20. Effect Of High Temperature Heat Treatment On Wood Property Under Pressure And The Application Of Its Condensing
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